Korg M3 feature wish list:

16 pads with knobs like radias to have a fully featured step sequencer with note length, note pitch, note velocity, note shift, controler...

should also have some adjustable random functions like random note length or note pitch or note velocity or note shift between 30 and 50 percent...

or let us do note settings via sysex controller (set note, del note, note length, note pitch, note velocity, note shift) for use with a external controler box.

                                                                                                                 (modified with a photo editor)

exb effect board with 16 seperate effects

step modulator like radias

hdd recording

midi delay effect

timestretch to play short single samples over the whole keyboard without shortening the sample

more lfo´s and envelopes

option to use 2 samples per program and blend them with a envelope or lfo

more filter types, comb filter...

2 filters

option to sample external synths automaticly note by note (like samplerobot)

32 midi channels

second midi out

2 x 8 channel adat in and out

bigger touchscreen