"always on top" option for mediabay, matrix window and device panels (maybe with its own small switch on the right side of the window)

vsti preset breed (morph),crossfade and randomisation with adjustable intensity and parameter exclude (like energy xt or samplitude)

a - b compare for vst presets to hear the difference between original and adjusted

auditon of midi files in mediabay should be able to route to vsti´s which assigend to the selected instrument track (as option)

feature to drive the parameters of vst effects and instruments per track with a buildt in lfo, multistage envelope and step sequencer.
this has to be done without midi controllers, because they have only 127 steps.
the lfo, multistage ewnvelope or step sequencer should be able to restart every note on message.
the parameter which has to be driven should be selectable from a list like the automation or quick controls parameters.

drum map editor should be able to route to instrument tracks

the mediabay (preset window) should remember the last sort adjustment and the last chosen folder for each vsti

option to choose a folder in the mediabay and then be able to switch vst3presets (within the folder) with forward backward buttons in the vsti window

a SINGLE vsti window should only show the vsti of the selected track(as option). if you klick on another track, the same window on the same positon should show the other vsti.

STATIC midi note randomisation in the matrix window or step designer. each time a "random button" will be pressed. with intensity option each for velocity,pitch,position....

the volume icon of the vsti instruments inspector should act as clipping indicator and turn red if clipping.reset with rightclick on it

a thin volume meter should be shown under the volume fader in the instrument track inspector section (so we dont have to open the channel tab in the inspector)

multi output for instrument tracks

nicer effect plugin graphics for ALL effect plugins

option in the drum editor to move triangles at the right side of the grid

each projectstructure parts should be able to start/stop with midi controllers to jam live

no sound drop outs and locator jumps while adding new vsti´s

endless loop button (like in logic)

midi vst effects should be able to insert like the mfx plugins

device maps should receive incoming midi messages

automation presets (clips) like logic

really free midi routing

copy tool (loop) in toolbox for arrange window , maybe as a brush icon

mediabay bug ? after categorizing vstpresets, you have to deselect the midi input and then select it again to play the preset with a midi keyboard

mixer should automaticly show only the really used vsti channels

generic control should only drive the really used (showed) vsti mixer channels

midi extraction from hitpoints with drag and drop to the arrange page (like logic)

right click midi learn for all buttons faders and knobs of cubase and other vst plugins (including only one controller mode like the ohmforce plugins have)

no doubleclick on edit buttons to bring vsti´s or effect´s in foreground

start record on midi event

unisono mode für prologue

preset blending per fader and also automateable

selecting a note at the piano roll in the matrix editor should show a line across the whole way (like samplitude)

cc121 should be shown in the external controler list and all knobs should be defineable

volume knob for each loop in the loopsmash editor

each pattern in the beat designer should automaticly create its own midi part in the midi track (like sonar 8 does). clicking in one of the different midi parts should also show the correspondable pattern in the loop designer.
should also have adjustable random functions per sample like random velocity between 30 and 50 percent.....
should also have the ability to set midi controlers (and vsti parameters) per step and sample (like sonar 8 does)
vertical lines in the beat designer matrix

the pads of groove agent one should have forward and backward buttons to switch samples within the folder where samples have been imported.


new remote controler concept:
predefine controlers for each vsti instrument. the settings have to remain also if the vsti is not loaded and each time you load a vsti it should automaticly have its predefined controler settings
the controler settings should be asigned to the vsti´s not to the tracks.
option to let each instance of the same vsti have automaticly the same controler settings.

dirac timestretching like in wavelab

object based realtime effects (like samplitude)

configurable interface for touchscreen monitor

max msp integration for cubase like ableton live

Step sequencer: note settings via midi controller (set note, del note, note length, note pitch, note velocity, note shift) for use with a external controler box
Each pattern in the step sequencer should automaticly create its own midi part in the midi track (like sonar 8 does). Clicking in one of the different midi parts should also show the correspondable pattern in the pattern sequencer.
should also have some adjustable random functions like random note length or note pitch or note velocity or note shift between 30 and 50 percent.....


no more buildt in instruments and effects from which steinberg doesnt own the rights and code to ensure that we can use the effects and instruments in 10 years

buildt in sampler (halion se)

electric organ simulation

fm synth with 4 operators

wavetable synth

frequently updated presets for vsti´s